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Photograph - Ed Sheeran


Loving can hurt
Loving can hurt sometimes
But it's the only thing that I know
When it gets hard
You know it can get hard sometimes
It is the only thing that makes us feel alive

We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
Times forever frozen still

So you can keep me
Inside the pocket
Of your ripped jeans
Holdin' me closer
'Til our eyes meet
You won't ever be alone
Wait for me to come home

Loving can heal
Loving can mend your soul
And it's the only thing that I know (know)
I swear it will get easier
Remember that with every piece of ya
And it's the only thing we take with us when we die

We keep this love in this photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Our hearts were never broken
Times forever frozen still

So you can keep me
Inside the pocket
Of your ripped jeans
Holdin' me closer
'Til our eyes meet
You won't ever be alone

And if you hurt me
That's OK, baby, only words bleed
Inside these pages you just hold me
And I won't ever let you go

Wait for me to come home [4x]

Oh you can fit me
Inside the necklace you got when you were 16
Next to your heartbeat
Where I should be
Keep it deep within your soul

And if you hurt me
Well, that's OK, baby, only words bleed
Inside these pages you just hold me
And I won't ever let you go

When I'm away
I will remember how you kissed me
Under the lamppost
Back on 6th street
Hearing you whisper through the phone,
"Wait for me to come home."

This song is obviously about a person being away from his or her partner. And so he/she asks their significant other to hold on to their photograph which potrays a perfect scenario and wait for him or her to come home. 
What's really beautiful about this song is the fact that Ed xhooses to show two sides of love. One which can hurt and the other which can heal. He pictures it as a paradox but even though it has a negative side it still is the one and only true thing which a person can have forever.

writer/singer: ed sheeran, johnny mcdaid

meaning from myself: i think this song tell us about love, love is not must from partner, it can from mothers. that sometimes love can hurt from our mother is point of view, taking resposibility can be frustating and despressing but also can give reward.

moral lesson: we must believe that everything have a lesson behind it.


Minggu, 03 April 2016

makeup, badminton, and many more

hey guys, welcome back to my blog. its been a long time since i write on my blog. so, today i want to tell you guys all about my hobby but before that i want to tell you whats is a "hobby" mean. A hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one's leisure time. Hobbies can include collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, or pursuing other amusements.

and now lets get started. my first hobby is badminton i like to play badminton although my hand is swollen i still like playing badminton since elementary if at school we must bring a racket i must be the very excited one because i like to play badminton so much and at junior high school, i joined badminton club. in my badminton club at junior high, there is one student that is a badminton athlete his daddy trained us, he play badminton so well, but because he usually trained an athlete i feel so sick and cant joined the club anymore and i left the club. but, i still play it at my house i like to play it with my cousin, sister, security even my housekipping.
and my second hobby is collecting makeup and mix and max clothes. at first i didnt know what is makeup (of course) but then i like to watch youtube video and found some beauty guru at my age, i like amanda steele and maddi bragg. they were very famous right now, i like to study anything about makeup except eyeshadow because i have a monolid eyes and its hard to do an eyeshadow at my eyes:(. so, i like to do other's makeup like my cousin's graduation party and sometimes my sister just for fun at home. i like to mix and match clothes too if you want to look at my masterpiece you can check my polyvore here is one of my set

my last but not least hobby is playing video game. i like to play xbox and nintendo wii with my sister, i like to play video game at my break time after long study but sometimes because of that, i rather not continued my study and play video game until night hehehe, my favorite game at wii is just dance, i like to dance with my sister. at just dance we have so many famous singer like selena gomez, justin bieber, nicki minaj and many more. so i like to dance to their songs and sometimes they capture me while dance so its very embrassing because my face was very not controlled. 

Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

Education For a Better Future For All

We live in world where we must help and need someone for us to live. We cant life alone because we need each other. Most people didn’t recognize it and try to life alone and they end up died. 
We must life with another people because we cant do everything all alone, everybody is skill are not same. Some people good at cooking, some people good and drawing, painting, counting, experimenting, so we need each other to complete everything. 

Education is a must for us, education have so many benefits. First, it can teach us whats right and whats wrong, second, we can knew what we don’t know and third, we can have so many friends, fourth, we can be useful for our world, not just four of that. We can have so many benefits from school beside that. 

We live in a world with many complex problems both in local and global. With education, we can help our world to fix that problem. I live in indonesia and in indonesia there are too many schedule for us we went to playground, middle school, junior high school, senior high school and then college but at school we have too many time. We go to school at 6.30 am and then we go home at 3 or 5 pm it was very tiring us. We must study every subject, in indonesia we have 16 subject and then we have some extraculicullar and we go to school 5 days but sometimes 6 days every week.

I think for better education we can just study what we want and then we must good at it so we didn’t feel heavy about our school and we enjoyed it and if we enjoyed it I think we can make our world better with combining our skill and make a better world. 
Some students didn’t like history but in here, we must studied that even we didn’t need it in our work and make ourself stress and depressed. I think we must studied what we like and we want for our life make something good about that and make a better world. So student didn’t feel stressed because in their free time they can play with their friend, went somewhere, vacation, and enjoyed life, because life is just one time and we must enjoyed it not feeling stressed and depressed.

If our world do that curriculum I think we can make our world better and every student can enjoy their life and our world will be a very happy world with smart and diligent people.

Selasa, 19 Januari 2016

My Holiday to Jogjakarta and Solo

Hi, im indyra. And today I want to tell you my experience of my holiday from 23 december to 4 january.

On 23 december, I went to solo first by car. Because it was a christmast holiday the road was very very crowded so we stuck on the traffic for a long time. Truthfully, at the first day we must went to solo because the hotel has been booked but because of the traffic and my dad was very tired and little sick, we searching for another hotel at pekalongan we sleep at sahid mandarin because of the other hotel were full so we decided that its okay to sleep there, even the hotel was very ugly and expensive. The towel was very smelly like a man’s sweat but its okay because tommorow we continued our trip to solo. On the 9 in the morning we ride our car and went to solo and sleep at aston hotel, the hotel was very good. Me and my mother sleep at 8 floor and my other big family slept at 12 floor. Its okay, because we came very late. After we arrived, me, and my sister were changed our clothes to swimsuit and jump to the pool because the traffic was very stressfull. But sadly, when we were swimming. Suddenly, the rain come but we stay in the pool because we want to swim very much but after that, finally we get u from the pool and take a bath. Then our cousin visit my hotel room and play at my room. I said to not eat food on the bed so they ate food under the table they’re all very noisy but funny.

On the third day, me, my grandmother and aunty went to “pasar sukowati” at there we bought so many clothes and then I bought a fan because I remember that my class was very hot. Then I go back to hotel and take a slept. And then on the next day, on the night, we went to restaurant but there is will have a party so we must go to another restaurant. Then we ate at restaurant at on the next first restaurant but sadly, at that restaurant all the food were empty but we stay eat at there because we don’t want to move again. After that, my mother and aunty and some of my cousin ate a durian without my grandma because my grandma will angry. They sneak went to there.
On the next day, we continued our trip to jogjakarta. My grandma ask my father to went to jogja together but, my father didn’t want to. After that, my grandma and aunty arrived at jogja and eat at restaurant then we must went to that restaurant too. The restaurant was very far we went there by very tired body and feel annoyed. Then, we arrived at that restaurant, and sadly. My grandfather said that they are all already went to another place, it was very very make me feel annoy. Then we went to that place that my grandfather told me, it was not very good it was just ordinary place. Then we went back to hotel and slept. On the next day, we went swimming and then my grandmother and father ask me to go with them to the “laut biru” and they said that at that place there is a snorkeling but I don’t want to and then I continued swimming and ride a delman at malioboro and buy some stuff. And go back to hotel to take a rest.

On the next day, we went back to bandung, but my another big family went to jakarta because just my family that life in bandung. We go back at 8 am in the morning, and at the moment we go to bandung, we arrive at home at 12 at night but before we arrive at home we eat corn at lembang then we go to home. Then we take a rest after a long trip. On the 30 december my family from my mom were went to my house and slept in my house until Saturday 2,january 2016. First we holiday to, paris van java and watch chipmunks on the road after that we went back to home. My aunty was a very good chef and she always make a delicious food. Then at night we sleep with spons bed on the center room in the center room. Then at 23.44 I woke up and enjoy the fireworks suddenly, there was a fireworks that went to my neighbor’s garage. It was very scary, then we went back to slept. And then, on the next day  my family went back to jakarta again because they scared if they went back at Sunday it was crowded. And because of on the Monday, my cousin must go back to school. But me, my holiday still have one week again. HOREEEE!!!

So, that was my holiday, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

Minggu, 06 Desember 2015

Drama Script

- Indyra Puteri Zein (14)
- Mazaya Annaptashafa' K. (17)
- M. Khoirum Gavin Azarya (20)
- Rafi Abbel Mohammad (24)
- Rd. Erlangga M. Daffa W (26)
- Sherina Zahran Tiara (34)
- Willy Candra Ardiansyah (38)

VIEWPOINT: First mayor players
- Abnormal
- Introverts
- Broken Home
- Antisocial
STORY BEGINS FROM: orientation - introduction to conflict - conflict - conflict mitigation - conflict completion - reorientation
(Seven years ago, Andy's parents divorce because of their ego - they're so busy with their work so they being  hostile with each other)
"Tok tok tok" it was the sound of the hammer in this room, I see Mom and Dad sitting in front of the green table where the mustachioed man hit his hammer, which means they're stating a decision, a decision that I don't know what it is.

The next day mom and dad invite me to somewhere, papa said, "Dad will buy new home for you." After that, I don't know where Dad go, he disappear from my life....
The house was eventually occupied by me and my mom, until now. Everyday she to go home tonight and go to the office early morning. I only accompanied by my grandfather, I play with him every day.

In the 6th grade, my grandfather went, went into the soil, which died. I really feel drop, and time goes by until the end of grade 6, I received in favourite JHS (junior high school) in this country. I was in JHS and I just like "garbage" here, only 2 friend who really wanted to make friends with me, but then they get bored with me, and eventually I live alone again until graduation. In JHS, I got a lot of medals/achievements/etc, because I'm smart, with that achievements, I easily get into the favourite high school in the city.

Oh yes, my name is Andy.
My life in high school is very different from JHS. Now I often go to the library and learn there, see the world, and realized, it's beautiful. But somehow I could not enjoy it. Yes, I'm still locked in grief. Not sadness, resentment precisely. I closed myself to the outside world, it is difficult for me to socialize with others. None of the friends close to me, especially with my situation that could be considered as 'abnormal'.
Until one day ...

* one morning in class, the teacher comes, everyone be quiet *

Teacher: Good morning students, I'm sorry to disturbing your rest time. But I have a good news for you all. The first good news is Biology test is canceled Because your Biology teacher have a meeting.
* students say hooray *
Teacher: And the second good news is ...... drumrollssss ..... you will get a new class member! Come on Sally, introduce yourself!
* students whispering, enthustiastic *
Sally: Hello everyone, my name is Sally. I'm new student here. I'm from Cycorgya Town, and move here because my dad got a long time job here, and I must following my dad. Nice to meet you!
Teacher: Sally Okay, you can sit beside her * points to Dinda *. I hope you can be a good friend with her. Well, I must attend a meeting, so bye, even there is no teacher for the next hour, keep quiet please.
* the teacher leaves the class *

I noticed the girl, who turned out to be sociable. Within seconds, she make friend easily with her chairmate, Dinda. So contrast with me, she was an extrovert. Friendly and charming. Day after day passed. Until there is a task that I must do some interview to my classmates. 
Huft, this sucks.
I started to get up from my chair to interview, and my pen drop,

Sally: "Uh sorry, is this your pen? * take the pen off the floor and put it on the table Andy *"
Me: "Oh, y...yes, thank you"
* Sally smiled and went *

SHE SPOKE TO ME ?! In fact I have not dared to get acquainted with her since he joined to this class. Somehow, seeing her smile, I feel there is a strange thing. Mixed feelings, my heart was pounding. Suddenly, I start to know her further. From a far. She may not know, but I regarding her interesting activity silently every day, and oddly, she make me smile to myself.
I fall in love.

*The next day*

Something not good happens...

Teacher: Children, today you must have a physics test of chapter 1, about what we learned 2 weeks go. Newton's Law of Motion.
Students: Oh nooo, we have not learned yet!
Teacher: I know, but I purposely do this to test the your ability without previous preparation
Students: *sigh* Okay mam

Then students do the test noisily and chaosly because the teacher does not in class. But not someone who sit in the corner of the class, Andy, he quiet all the time.

I even glance towards him, I confused why I always quiet. I need to know.

Sally: Hey, Dinda. Who the hell names of that boy who working quietly all the time?
Dinda: Oh, he's Andy. Surely you wonder why he could be silent while we like this right?
Sally: Huh, yes. So, why?
Dinda: I think he is the smartest boy in this world, haha.
Sally: Wow? Why you could say that?
Dinda: His test value never under 9, almost always 10, too damn clever. But unfortunately, he never speak to us. I've heard a gossip he can't socialize to his friends.
Sally: Oh, I see.

Since then, she became curious about him.

*KRIINGG! The bell ringing and the teacher comes*
Teacher: Okay the test is over. Just leave your test paper in your desk, and you may leave the class for rest time. Thankyou!

I take some food that I bring from home, because I don't like to buy some food in canteen. I prefer to eat silently in class and do my work.
Hey, Sally suddenly came up to me who was eating my food

Sally: Hey Andy!
Andy: Uh-m ... Hello Sally
Sally: What food do you bring?
Andy: Not much, just rice and eggs
Sally: Woh I think that's tasty, did you made by yourself?
Andy: Y..yes.
Sally: Woah. Oh yes, Andy, when the physics test I see you do not cooperate at all with other students, you just focus and silence. Do you already understand, so that?
Andy: Yes, because I immediately remembered all the words with only one explanation. I know that's strange, even I feel weird too by my ability.
Sally: Really? Cool! Would you taught me?
Andy: Hmm I would. But anyway, are you not ashemed to make friends with me?
Sally: Why should be ashamed?
Andy: I ​​often said by others that I'm not normal.
Sally: Ah no! I think you're normal as other student.

My heart beats fast, I still don't believe thag the girl that I like try to get along with me. Oh God.

Since then Andy and Sally often study together and Andy who was not like go to canteen, started like to go because with Sally so he is not alone anymore.

One day,
Teacher: Now we will make a group for the history task. I've made the group, (all members of the group mentioned), and the last group is Sally, Dinda, Robert, Revan, and Andy.

I was very pleased with the lessons of history, perhaps the entire book about history I've ever read. But I really do not like the work group. Yes, you already know why I do not like jobs in group. I never reached a deal with someone else. Especially with two rascal, Robert and Revan. They likes to make trouble, yes troublemaker, and I really do not like it.

Robert: Fantastic, I think we will have the best score, you know why ??
Revan: Because there is Andy in our group, and he will make 100000 slide for presentation, wkwkw
Robert: You're right, with his knowledge, maybe he will explain your grandgrandgrandfather, wkwk
Dinda: This will not be easy (while looking towards Revan and Robert who was laugh)
Sally: (sigh) I think so.
Teacher: I give you 2 weeks. You can looking for a data from everywhere, about history as much as anything you want. Make an articles, like abook.

Each group was mutually discuss what history will they choose to make.

Dinda: So....what history should we make about?
Revan: What about the origin of the elimination of PR?
Robert: It will be better if the history of the 6-month holiday two times during the year?
Dinda: I think history of Revan and Robert become a good boys is better.
Sally: Hahaha, nevermind.. Andy do you think we'd better look for what history?
Andy: What if the World War II?
Sally: It's a good idea..
Dinda: I agree
Robert: I'm tired of seeing him reading a book World War II
Revan: I'm definitely going to fall asleep when you discuss about that

Suddenly the teacher comes to them and sat beside Revan.

Teacher: I remind you, who is don't did the work, just delete his/her name from the group. And for those who do not collect the task will be exposed SP, understand Revan Robert?
Robert: We're definitely do this mam, we're a good boy
Revan: It's true!

Then they are going to the library. In the library, they work together to collect data and it takes time successively for 1 this week.

Andy: *In his mind* "I think this group project will work closely with other groups I've ever done. Duo rascal, they will do nothing and asked me to finish it all. But this time, even Robert and Revan, they want to help and listen to me. Although sometimes they still sucks. I feel guilty now, once I really do not like them because the're always do stupid things and making trouble, but if I know them well without thinking negatively, they are still a teenager who has a heart and fun. I wonder what I just find this, for sure I'm very pleased with their work with the group.

During group work I often feel embarrassed to be around Sally. Not only at work but when in class as well. Five of us, Sally, Dinda, Robert, Revan and I often gather together, and also to the canteen. Hmm, i feel life."


They're go to the bookstore near our school because we had to bind the papers that have been completed. That day, the street is muddy because of low rainfall.

Sally: Finally our project is finished (while holding the papers that have been completed).
Dinda: Thank you for everything, we worked sooo harmonious! *jump with happy face*
Robert: Of course, because that I grouped you
Revan: In your dream (teasing robert)
Robert: Hey !!
Andy: Thank you also for everything. Oh yeah, may I see the paper?
Sally: Sure (giving papers that has not been bind)

When Andy hold the papers, he suddenly see someone who isn't foreign to him. His father, in the across of the street. Andy start feeling angry, and do something strage. He unconsciously squeezing the paper and drop it onto the muddy road.

Robert: HEY! Are you crazy or what??!?!?!?!
Revan: What are he doing??!?!?!?!
Dinda and Sally could not say anything.

Andy could not hear what his friends have said. He only looked into his father eyes, his friends also. They didn’t know that he is Andy’s father. Then, Andy left his friends without saying anything. Andy’s father can only hold his tears while looking at Andy’s back. 

Sally: Where are he going??
Dinda: *exhale* So, what are we gonna do now?
Revan: I knew it, we should’t have one group with abnormal.
Robert: I feel annoyed, very annoyed! Argh!
Sally: There’s nothing we can do now. The bell will ring in one minute (picking up the wet paper on the street)

Sally, Dinda, Robert, and Revan get in the class without Andy. They could not give they project to the teacher, so they have called to the teacher’s room.

Teacher : Why you don’t collect the project?
Sally : We accidently dropped it on the street, now the project is dirty and wet.
Teacher: How could be fall? Okay then, I will give you time until the school is over to collect the project.
Revan: Thankyou mam.
*students leave teacher's room*

Dinda: Lucky us, we still keep the softcopy of our’s project.
Robert: Yeah, if we don’t, we will have learned history during the holiday, and we will get old in the school. 

Dinda, Robert, Revan and Sally didn't blame to Andy. They believe there must be something wrong with him, but they were still upset because Andy never told what happened or have apologize to them.

I feel so bad now. I shouldn’t do something like that. But I am confused, what should I do now. I am sure that is too late to apologize. After that  incident, my relationship with Sally, Dinda, Robert and Revan is getting worst. I am back to my daily activity back then, I become an abnormal again. Even now, Sally doesn’t want to talk with me. If I had not seen my father, this wouldn't happened to me. 

A few days later, Andy met his father again. He have waited in front of the school. 

Dad: Andy
Andy: What? 
Dad: I know it’s been a long time since we met. But, there is something I have to tell you.
Andy: No, we rarely see each other. 
What to discussed about anymore?
Dad: I wanted to apologize, i can not be a good father. I should not be a selfish father and i should never visit you and your mother. 
Im really apologize, i could not accompany you when you were sad or depressed.
Daddy can not help doing your tasks of the school, i can not take you to play together. And help you let go of what has happened and start a new life with joy. Now the i will help you so that you can make friends again with your friends and you will not feel alone anymore.

Once again the father was very apologetic.
Andy cried hearing his father's words. Finally Andy spent the day with his dad. His father taught him the importance of socializing and helping others.

The next day,
Andy: *talking to himself* "I intend to apologize to my friends. Like what my father said, it's never too late to apologize, it would be outrageous if no apology at all. I must"

Uncharacteristically Andy apologized to the class that instantly makes the class surprised with what he did. Finally his friends to forgive him and Andy started to tell what really happened. They all begin to friends and relations Andy and Sally was getting closer.

Andy started to socialize with other students again. Andy became friendly. All thanks to the word "sorry" from his father. In myself still feel abnormal, even though now I've had many friends, and was no longer selfish, but if it were not for my sixth sense, I can not meet my father had died 5 years. 

Andy smiled.
"I know when I dropped my papers, my friends surely wonder what I'm looking at, because they could not see my father. I still hope I can still see him. Now, if I met my grandfather at home I do not feel upset or locked myself again, I will not hide anymore from my past. Will be to deal with and certainly now I feel happy."

Be different from other people it does not matter, as you do not ignore other people and always do good to others. Humans do not forget to always apologize and forgive the mistakes of others, because you can not be happy alone, because only someone else can make you feel happy :)

The end

Selasa, 17 November 2015

Trip to Bali by Car

Hey guys, today i want to tell you my favorite place in Indonesia and thankfully i have visited it 4/5 times, now i will tell you my story.

On ied fitri this year, me and my family went to bali. But we didnt go there by airplane, we go there by car. Cool right?
On the day of ied fitri, we went to my grandmother house at jakarta i met my big family there, i have so much cousin and my aunt are gave me a lot of money (YAY) hahaha. On the next day, we went to my mom's family at serang, banten. I dont really close to them because we only visit them one time on every year. But, im excited because they gave me a lot of money too
At my grandmother house
At serang, banten

After we celebrate ied fitri we are all start our journey to bali. On the first day of trip, we went to pekalongan for sleep, then we went to surabaya in surabaya, our hotel is very big and on the below our hotel is a mall but sadly, we cant go there because we must continue our trip. Then, we sleep again at banyuwangi at hotel in the SPBU hahaha. But on the next day, we are up at the ship and across to bali island YEAAAY!

So now, let me tell you the awesomeness of bali. In bali, i stayed for four days three nights at hard rock hotel it was very big and cool theres a lot of guitar there and the pool is very very big theres a pool with sand and we can drink in the pool with our buoy i swim with my sisters and my cousin on the first day. On the second day,we went to bali safari marine park it have so many animals but at the safari bogor have more hehe, but in this place we cant go to see the animals by our car, we have to ride a bus and very funny, because we get a bus full of tourists and no one from indonesia except us and the guide. 

Then after that we went to 3D place that called trick art on that place me and my sisters are taking many picture
I have a fun time there, after that we are back to hotel and take a rest because tomorrow we are going to tanjung benoa and play watersport 

After playing watersport we ate ice cream because of the sun is very hot after that we went to sukowati market and bought so many clothes and pants and etc. for our family at jakarta and bandung.
Then on the afternoon we went to kuta beach and enjoy the sand and never forget to take picture😋
After that, we back to our hotel and pray ashar then me and my mother and cousin walk at kuta road and (its what I have been waiting for!) shopping! Yaaay! we went to joger too. But sadly, on the next day, me and my cousin have to went home because on monday, we must go back to our new school. She is at darul hikam and me at 3 senior high school. So, me and my cousin are taking the airplane to go back to bandung. But my mother, father and sisters are go back home with car again. Im very envy with them😢. But it was a very lovely journey and im very thankful to god because i can have a journey that not everyone can experience. I hope my family are always health and have a money for the next trip! I cant wait!

So, thats it for place that i love visited! I hope you like it!